2015-2016 Program Highlights

Rabbi Reuven Cohn delivered a shiur to a packed crowd on the occasion of the Shloshim (thirtieth day of mourning) of our beloved friend and fellow student, Lois Morgan a”h. His reading of Mishnah Middot, rich with insights on the ancient practices of mourning in the days of the Temple, was profoundly moving, a fitting memory to one of Ma’ayan’s most devoted students.


Students enjoyed eleven semester- and year-long courses in 2015-2016, considering perspectives on the final years of the First Temple Period with Karyn Spero, King David’s kingship with Atarah Gale, conflicts of Torah and Science with Rabbi Benjamin Samuels, the methodology of Talmud study with Rabbi Aryeh Klapper, Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe’s contemporary insights on character development with Sabrina Burger and much more.

Ma’ayan provides opportunities for our community to learn with outstanding female scholars. Women from across the community gathered for our spring Yom Iyun on the Chamesh Megillot (Five Scrolls) to learn with Dr. Michelle Levine from Stern College, Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz from SAR High School and Karyn Spero from Maimonides School. Students examined Esther through the eyes of the Jews in the Second Temple Period, gained an appreciation for Rashi’s commentary on Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs) and considered the use of midrash as a response to destruction in Eichah Rabbah. Other outstanding female visiting scholars included Dr. Avivah Zornberg and Dr. Yael Ziegler.

Ma’ayan graduated its first ever Me’ah cohort; mazel tov to the 20 students who completed this intensive 2-year program of study! The Me’ah program offers students a foundational literacy in Jewish intellectual history and civilization and provides a strong context for understanding Jewish texts. We look forward to beginning a second cohort this fall in partnership with the Young Israel of Brookline.

We look forward to another year of high-caliber, text-based learning to nourish the mind and soul!